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Gundam Wing Haven


*points to the Anime Corner Store banner* By the way, if you want to know why I have so many links to Robert's Anime Corner Store, take a look at this.


Welcome one and all. Be careful not to make these cuties angry...

Now Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary!

Wow!  I can't believe so many people have visited this site already.  I want to thank everyone for just stoping by, and another thanks if you signed the guestbook.  As for those who flamed me, you have a special place, but I can't say where...
      I've decided to drop my Sailor Moon page though I may work on another one later on.  Right now I have a message board for this site ^-^  You'll see the link once I get it put up.

For those who are annoyed with the pop-ups, I apollogize; I have the free account, so I have to display pop-ups from Tripod, plus I am trying to get my site added to other search engines.  If anyone else wants me to get rid of the other ads, let me know by either signing the guestbook or emailing me.

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The song you're hearing is:   Just Communication, the opening theme to Gundam Wing.


We're too sexy for our Gundams..

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Gundam Wing belongs to its creators, Sunrise, Bandai, and any other companies affiliated with the series.  In other words, I own none of it!  Now how much clearer can I get folks?

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This is Heero, my caretaker for the site..

This site is for all Gundam Wing fans (like myself :D ) or for those who want to know more about the show. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, don't worry. I will show you how to use the Gundam Wing Force wisely..

One minor note:  Glamour Lust is an online comic for mature audiances only (for people 16 years and up).  If you are underage, please do not go to this site. 

Gundam Wing is a 49 episode series that takes place in AC (After Collony) 195.  The plot does have a lot of twists and turns, but it mainly focuses on the OZ organization and Opperation Meteor.  The five Gundam pilots are sent to Earth in order to stop them, and all of them manage to sneak in unoticed.  That is until one is spotted - Heero Yuy.   After crash landing on Earth,  he meets Relena Dariln where the story soon begins.
    Update:  I was  taking a look at A Fan's View ( and found some hilarious pics of cosplayers (people who like to wear costumes) dressed up as Gundam Wing characters acting out...well, I don't want to spoil it so check it out: 
    3-15-2003:  I added a link on the Yaoi page and fixed the banner for The Right Stuf (I forgot to add the link to the site - silly me V_V )

From Katsucon 2003 - pics courtesy of A Fan's View

Update: 4-16-03:  Hi again!  I appologize to everyone for not updating recently.  I've been busy with school and other stuff and - well, it can't be helped.  Anyway, I was surfing the 'Net for a decent jpop/anime online radio station - ladies and gentlemen, I've found it!  Just click on the banner below to go to   Trust me when I say this is the best when it comes to their jpop and anime music.  Even though I have dial up internet, the station comes in very well.  So, what are you still reading this for?  Go to the site and listen in! 
  One minor note:  They have a schedule, but since the station is located in California, times of programs on the station will be different depending on which time zone you live in (or the same if you live in the same zone as Cailforna).  If you're confused, go to their site and they'll explain it.

Update: 08-09-03:  Sorry about not updating too much.  Windows has been having a lot of problems but I finally updated to XP - anyway, I've put up a blog, so if you wanna see it here's the url:


For even more anime radio, take a listen to Anime in the Limelight, which has been running since 1997.



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